No matter the shape, size or color, all bodies should be celebrated simply for their uniqueness.

There are five main body shapes that we all fall under. Each has its own special characteristics that can be accentuated to make every woman feel beautiful.

Select your body shape below and consider these styling suggestions to help guide you on your next shopping spree.


Are typical when the bust and mid-section are comparable in width with smaller hips and legs.  Celebrities who fall under this category are:

Oprah Winfrey
-  Queen Latifah

Styles to consider for accentuating Apple Shapes are high waisted pants or skirts with a slimming waist and flared bottom.   

Compliment Pear Body Types at Parc 94


Are figures with smaller waistlines than that of the shoulders with full hips. Celebrities who fall under this category are:

-  Michelle Obama
-  Alicia Keys

Pear shapes look great in clothes that are form fitting at the waist to highlight their curves.  Clothes such as, tops and dresses that wrap or tie at the waist.

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This shape is known for broad shoulders, small hips and slender legs. Celebrities who fall under this category are:

-  Naomi Campbell
-  Catherine Zeta-Jones
-  Angelina Jolie

Inverted Triangle shapes look great in flared bottoms (pants & skirts) to balance out the shoulders.  Wearing shirts with V-neck lines are also attractive.

 Compliment Rectangle Body Types at Parc 94


The rectangle body shape is typically characterized when someone has equal bust, waist and hip measurements. Celebrities who fall under this category are:

-  Gabrielle Union
-  Tyra Banks
-  Chrissy Teigen

Rectangle shapes look best in bold patterns and designs with defined waistlines with belts, wraps and long jackets/coats.   

 Compliment Hourglass Body Types at Parc 94


Is known for the waist being the highlight of this body shape.  This body type is well proportioned with a slender waistline, equal bust and hip lines. 
Celebrities who fall under this category are:

-  Beyonce
-  Sofia vergara
-  Jordan Sparks

Hourglass shapes look great in most outfits but anything that accentuates the waist is ideal.  Clothing such as halter tops, belts, or wrapped blouses/dresses

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