Women are incredible beings.  With the ability to birth children, raise them, maintain a marriage, relationships, work a full-time job, be an accountant, a cook, a maid, and everything in between, all while maintaining their sanity.  WHEW...… These examples are great testaments on how strong we TRULY are. 

But, after we give ourselves to everyone else, when do we find time for us?  I mean truly find time to pamper ourselves and live our best lives? 

This is what gave birth to Impulsive Fashion Boutique. 

I Sonia Page, Owner and Founder of Impulsive Fashion wore all those titles (given a few more) PROUDLY!  But I also misplaced my self-identity as a woman.  After shedding the titles and putting on the WOMAN hat again, I gave myself permission to be FREE. 


  • Be & Have Fun
  • Be Sexy
  • Be Bold
  • Be Wild

I no longer window shop, wishing I could have that new hat or gorgeous outfit that will complement every CURVE because I'm saving for a raining day.  Nor, do I second guess or talk myself out of spoiling me -- occasionally. 

You see Ladies, after the family, bills and job is straight!  It’s time to think about you for a change.

At Impulsive Fashion, we sell Fun, Sexy, Bold yet Classy fashion to Jazzy, Classy Lady! 

You only live once.  Why not live FREE?  Why not live - IMPULSIVELY?

"I truly thank you for the opportunity to serve you and for shopping at Impulsive Fashion." 

 ~ Blessings ~ 

Sonia L. Page